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If your preferred way to enjoy the Baja desert is by getting close to it and flying through its vast canyons, Tortuga Zip Lines is the perfect activity for you. We had a great time here . Note: Make sure it's not to hot there is some

 hiking on their  8- zip line tour. You’ll be flying across canyons, passing close to rock formations and watching the oasis below from bird’s eye view.

Great Fun 


Take a short drive on a cactus lined tracks to a breathtaking beach overlooking the Pacific for an exciting camel ride. These gentle giants will take you on a fun and unique 20 minutes ride across the white sands of the beach. Enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean and desert from atop the camel, and, in the winter, keep an eye out for whales swimming past just offshore.


By far the best Experience my kids have had. They start with a brief orientation from the trainers who will teach you everything you need to know about dolphin’s behaviors and habitat.    As part of the program you will have a snorkeling mask to watch them underwater and see how fast they can swim. You'll also get the opportunity to take a ride across the pool on one of your new friends. 



No trip to Cabo is complete without a Sunset Cruise! Cabo Escape Invites you to enjoy an up close cruise of the world famous Lands End, consisting of rock formations and the popular Arch. Watch from an open-air upper deck as the sun disappears into the Pacific Ocean, leaving a breathtakingly colorful sunset! Dance away on the top deck with our crew or just relax and enjoy the music below, fun for everyone!

I was looking for a way to fit a scuba certification into a short trip down to Cabo, and I found the PADI’s online scuba program the way to go. It took me about 10hrs spread over a few days before I got down to Cabo. I then did the practical side over a day and half of dives. I found Dive Cabo really great with the instruction and equipment. From Discover scuba for beginners to advance  


Don't miss a unique opportunity to photograph humpback whales in the Sea of Cortes.  Cabo is a marine playground and no day is ever the same, in general were there are whales you are more than likely to see pods of wild dolphins playing and swimming alongside of them. Make sure you have your cameras at the ready to capture these incredible giants of the sea.

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